Day 4. New day, new adventure!


Yep, this is Tokyo shinkansen station! Time to leave Tokyo and go for the adventure!


Mine is Hikari and I’m leaving in 30 minutes! Since I have JR Pass I can ride shikansen trains for free except Nozomi which is fastest because of less stops. But Hikari is really good with speed too, not much difference for a traveller.



I have a lot of time)) Probably I should get here earlier but forgive me my laziness it’s my vacation:)

My beauties:) IMG_20160724_075508.jpg



Day 2. Part 1. The Land of skyscrapers.

Hi! I’m finally moving this blog to another day. It was my first morning in Japan. I gave myself a chance to sleep a little more just to be in shape for more adventure after a long exausting journey. One plus I didn’t catch a rush hour! Since I still wanted to exchange my JR Rail Pass I went to Tokyo Station area again. The closes Mita line is still the best way to get there. Shibakoen to Otemachi. It seems like I know these stations for a long time. IMG_20160722_100728.jpg

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Day 1. The best recipe from jetlag.

Day 0(not an actual day 1)

My journey is actually starting not from airport butIMG_20160719_204747.jpg from the local train station. Yep, this is the most cheapest and strangely time saving way of getting to the airport. Even despite you have to sleep night in a train. Of course there are some flight routes but waiting time is much longer. I can say trains in our time are not so bad, clean and confortable. But I still can’t sleap in them, at all!

So, after very long night of fight with broken air conditioner(I was a little ill and it was so cold!), I finally get to one step closer to my destination. One hour from train station and another express train finally delivered my exhausted body to the airport.

Early morning and this place never stops moving. Airport is one of my loves place where I always like to be and achitecture is usually fascinating!


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How everything was beginning

I’m not planning to challenge another blogs about Japan and even don’t know about them. Here I want to show you my Japan. Country which I wanted to visit for all my life and finally got there with all excitement and fantastic feelings I only could have. May be this is a little private blog but I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So what a difference? IMG_20160721_181757

Please fogive me for my not accurate english. I’m trying to make it better every time! Let’s begin!